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White kitchen trends 2017

Ann Arbor- White kitchen trends 2017

When you first think about the idea of a white kitchen, you wouldn’t necessarily consider it to be the number one trend in kitchen decorating in 2017.

Our parents have all told us that white is a very pretentious color, hard to keep clean and very susceptible to all kinds of mechanical issues. While all these might be true, a study has shown that more than two-thirds of household owners said that white is their top choice of color when it comes to cabinets and appliances.

There are a couple of reasons why white is the predominant trend in kitchen design this year. First of all, it’s very easy to combine with lots of other colors and non-colors as well. White cabinets can easily go with white appliances, and also pair up nicely with islands of color. Monochromatic, high-contrast kitchens are also very appreciated this year – which require white cabinets with black accents and handles, and lots of different shades of gray used around the kitchen.

The bottom line is simple: white is incredibly easy to pair with a wide array of colors, shapes, and patterns. Versatility will always be rewarded.

Also, contrary to popular belief, white is also easier to clean that lots of other colors. Just think about how easily stainless steel smudges and how often you need to clean it in order to have that crisp look. This is an issue that’s non-existent with white surfaces. Although any kind of dirt or stain is very visible, it’s also very simple to clean and has a very elegant look when maintained correctly. There is a trade-off here – comfort versus elegance – which favors the latter in recent times.

To sum up, using white in your kitchen is a surefire way to create a trendy, elegant and clean look in one of the most important rooms of your house. You can never underestimate the importance of having a great kitchen, and using white as much as possible is a great start towards this objective.


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