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5 Secrets on how to make your kitchen cozier


The kitchen is the hub of any home, bringing the entire family together for food-related activities.

That being said, it’s fairly easy to forget about aspects related to personality and design, and focus strictly on functionality and ease of access. While this does ensure an easy time cooking, cleaning and serving food, the kitchen will seem dull after a while. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to make your kitchen a little cozier:

  1. Use warm materials wherever possible. Wood is the obvious choice here, but if you’re already designed your kitchen and need a few warm touches here and there, look towards leather and textiles.ca8e77463550bc4443944f7c53e976ffe07c570d2f97574f714fecbfcb8a4fe4
  2. Make use of accessories with lots of personality. While you can’t really change countertops, cabinets or big appliances, you can go berserk when it comes to plates, pots, lightning, decorations, you name it. Make sure all these elements are colorful or unique.94ed9579ad92674af8f8436a22f9747f
  3. Consider installing colorful cabinets. Commercial kitchens are all about monochromatic looks, but the one in your home should be very different. Colorful countertops can help raise the level of comfort in the room, and also provide an added layer of light, in certain cases.48762c35c55594c478ef24af26bada70
  4. Introduce un-kitcheny items. Treat the room like a hub for activities, not only food-related activities! Bring books, chairs, art, decorations and plants inside, and you’re instantly going to feel much better. 66255c70185e6dadaa7e1cd3f09787f7
  5. Include a soft spot. Your family and guests will love this addition. This can be a chair, a blanket, or a bench covered in pillows, yelling “Sit here and enjoy the view, the odors and the textures”.4b96e3797167ef5680cd53dc6d71a231

Implementing some or all of these ideas will turn a dull, professional-looking room into a space which reflects your beliefs and your personality. It will make cooking and serving food a lot more enjoyable, and you’ll soon find yourself spending much more time in the kitchen.

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