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5 Stylish Kitchen Countertop Ideas You’ll Love

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We know you probably think you heard everything there is to know about kitchen countertops. We’re sure you’ve heard about all kinds of materials, textures, styles, and trends, as well as the pros and cons of each. However, there are a few choices which never cease to impress and always buff up a house’s value and reputation.

If you’re looking for a few unique ideas for your kitchen, we have some right here:

1. Sealed wood countertops

Nothing says elegance more than a sealed wood countertop. The natural finish and look of the wood compliments entire kitchens excellent, and the color are nothing to ignore either. The acrylic seal is also resistant to spills and scratches, making it both useful and beautiful.

2. Butcher’s block

This material is generally used for countertops in beach houses or other more “casual” environments, but who can say it won’t work in your kitchen? It isn’t as easy to pull off, since it does require some rather pale colored floors or cabinets, but the natural look and feel will certainly be worth it.

3. Iron edges

Are certainly worth mentioning, especially if you’re looking for something really unique. It’s hard to beat the cold, metallic look and feel in terms of style, but it’s not that easy to fit them into a kitchen either. On rare occasion though, an iron-edged countertop can become the main attraction of a kitchen.

4. Silestone- especially stain-free

Stain-free silestone is a cheaper alternative to marble which lots of people ignore, without any real reason. It’s also a lot easier to maintain and install since it doesn’t carry the same weight.

5. Quartzite

Last but not least, we absolutely have to mention quartzite. The material is natural, beautiful, durable, easy to maintain and clean, and a breeze to install. It’s also relatively unknown on the market in favor of the more traditional quartz but can absolutely impress in a kitchen.

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