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Top 3 kitchen modelling mistakes

Top 3Ann Arbor- what to avoid-  kitchen modelling mistakes

Whenever we see a kitchen we love in a magazine, reality show or even at one of our friend’s home, the first thing that comes to our mind is this: “Next remodeling, my kitchen will look ten times better than this!”.  Then, when restoration time actually comes, you have a huge stock of photos from Pinterest, articles about modern, fashionable kitchens and know virtually everything that happens on the market.

In spite of all this effort, why does the final product of your remodel not look like the magazine pictures?

The answer is simple: while kitchen remodeling might sound like a walk in the park, it’s really not that easy to create a coherent, practical and beautiful kitchen. To help you with this issue, we have identified the top 3 mistakes when designing a kitchen:

  1. Forgetting the big picture

It’s very easy to find appliances, decorations, and furniture that look and work stunningly. At the end of the day, however, they must work together in harmony, both in terms of design and usage. The colors and patterns must match, and you must be able to actually cook and serve food in your kitchen. The solution here is choosTop ing a general theme for your kitchen, and sticking to it – you can go crazy in the small details afterward.

  1. Choosing appliances last

Contrary to popular belief, kitchen appliances should not be picked last. From the large pieces like the refrigerator and the stove to the smaller ones like the blender and coffee machine, they all have an important role in your kitchen – and should be picked before furniture, counters and countertops.

  1. Making it unpractical

Remember that the busiest areas of the kitchen are around the refrigerator, stove and the place where you might serve food. Also, consider that you need lots of storage space and counter space to work comfortably.

Nobody wants to have a superb kitchen which they can’t actually use.

If you make sure to avoid these critical mistakes in designing your new kitchen, you will be well on your way to producing a spectacular result. We do recommend contacting design professionals at least for a second opinion, but nobody says you can’t go at it alone. After all, you will be the person who enjoys the final result most.


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