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High-end decor tips: marble


No two materials are equal, at least not in the design world. Some can instantly upgrade a room to elite-level status, brimming with confidence, class and good taste, while other may seem dull, lacking creativity and originality in all aspects.

If you’re looking for a solution from the first category, there are a few which pan out, but none as classic, timeless and unique as marble.

Starting with the obvious, the marble’s cost isn’t exactly low. In spite of this, there are a few reasons why you’d pick marble over other materials like quartz or granite.

Specifically, when talking about marble, it’s all about style and design. But there is another common misconception we need to address – that marble can only be used for countertops inside the kitchen.

Here are few other ideas where you can use marble in your kitchen décor:

1. Backsplash. Countertops are awesome and all, but a marble backsplash not only adds style, but also gives the entire kitchen an extra dimension. Bonus points if you’re using a different color/pattern than that of the countertops.

2. Kitchen island. For those kitchens where you absolutely need a piece which will be the center of everyone’s attention, a marble island will do wonders.

3. Furniture. While not exactly practical to move around, a marble dining table, for example, will give your home a very mansion-like aspect and undeniable elegance.


All in all, marble should be considered for a lot more than countertops around your kitchen and your entire home. After all, people have been using it extensively for thousands of years, and there’s no sign they’ll stop any time soon.


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