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Ideas for a creative Christmas kitchen decor


This is the period of the year when people start thinking about Christmas seriously. Stores start having sales, holidays are being planned, and most people consider decorating their homes as well. Kitchens are usually the area of the house where the magic is prepared, not necessarily where it happens – but the room still deserves some Christmas decorations.


We’re sure you all have your ideas – who doesn’t, at this point? – but we also want to give you a couple of tips which aren’t that common:

  1. Use pine cones and Christmas decorations all around

Don’t just keep them in a corner, with the rest of your decors. Use pine cones on shelves, on countertops, everywhere you can – Christmas decoration is more about bringing a spirit to the entire room, and less about a ”corner”.


  1. Keep your Christmas deserts on display

You surely bake cookies of all shapes and sizes, possibly cupcakes, maybe cake. These are all very beautiful deserts, and it’s a real shame to keep them inside the fridge or in your cupboards. Where possible, try to keep them on display – they don’t only look good, but will also make your kitchen smell beautifully.


  1. Change your plant pots

There are tons of way to change your classic pots into Christmas-themed ones. Color, shape, size – everything can be modified to suit your favorite time of the year. This is one of the easier ones as well. After all, your plants will still be there.

  1. Use a miniature tree

We can’t honestly recommend getting a second, large Christmas tree. It’s doubles the time to decorate, double the cost, and somehow ruins the spirit. But a small tree (dare we say – even one standing on a table or countertop?)  shows that the kitchen also appreciates Christmas.


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