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When was the last time when you remodeled your bathroom?


Do you remember when was the last time when you remodeled your bathroom? If the answer is yes, you probably done it relatively close in the past, and the ideas which we’ll present will only be useful for your next project. If you haven’t remodeled in quite a while, the time is definitely now – and pay close attention to the newest trends in wall and floor tiles.


Much like other interior decoration trends, bathroom floors and tiles are a combination of light colors and bold textures/patterns, while maintaining as many natural materials as possible.

This translates into light rooms, which give the impression of space – a great feat, considering how small modern bathrooms are. There are 3 main trends we’d like to highlight:

1.Neutral styles with organic undertones

Bold colors have been around for some time, but they’re nowhere to be seen in 2018. Bathrooms these days are all about non-colors, and creativity is left almost fully on the shoulders of accents, finishes and the small decorations you can afford to keep in the bathroom. If any colors do appear, they’ll mostly be organic – light blues, greens and browns.


2. Light colors and lots of white

Speaking of colors, all the ones which are used in bathroom design are “light”. Apart from the blues, greens and browns discussed above, one could also include soft pinks, light yellows and even some shades of purple. One thing will unite all these trends, though: lots of white. On the walls, appliances, and even toothpaste.


3.Unique tile shapes

 There are some creative things you can still pull off. One of them is having tiles with unique shapes – either large squares and rectangles, round edges, or even non-uniform ones. We’ve seen everything from diamonds, hexagons and arabesques to classic designs – as long as you maintain good colors, the possibilities here are nearly endless.


So many choices, so many options. What`s your favorite?

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