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Best kitchen renovation trends in 2019


When it comes to kitchen design, trends are sometimes about the entire ensemble, but more often than not, the changes are in the details. Not things like colors, shapes and sizes – but more like handles, accents and doors. These are the areas in which you can highlight your personality and your ideas, but you might want to look into the overall trends for 2019.


Here are a couple of things you can look into:

  1. Original kitchen sinks

Gone are the days where the sink was simple, in one color, and just focused on utility. There are so many things you can do with it, though! You can go stainless steel, you can opt for a hidden one, you can choose metallic accents, and some designs are just a dream to see. Don’t pick a classic sink – go creative!

  1. Indoor gardens and open shelving

We put these two together because the idea is identical: take something that people usually hide and place it in the open. With open shelving, you can now show off those pots, pans and jars which you spent a small fortune on, and if you also keep your herbs around, it will look awesome – and smell the same.

  1. Creative accents

Gold, silver, copper – just a few materials which you can use around the kitchen to make it just a tad more interesting. The key about these materials is that you have to use them sparingly – a handle, an accent, maybe one appliance. Don’t go all-in.


  1. Cabinet doors & handles

Cabinet doors are possibly the largest surfaces in your kitchen – why not take advantage of this and show off your ideas? Pluck in a creative handle (maybe hidden, maybe metallic, maybe posh), and now you can look at them and smile.



Photo: pixabay.com, pexels.com

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