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Kitchen Countertop

When it comes to home design, 2017 has shown us some interesting trends. On the one hand, we see high-end technology taking over several aspects of a home: temperature, security, even grocery shopping. On the other hand, lots of things turn from artificial back to mother nature: people are keeping more plants and are looking for more and more natural materials. One of them, of course, is stone.

Stone can’t be used for all the articles in one’s home, though. There are only a few places where the nature of stone is adequate, has the right properties, and is also beautiful. Under the right circumstances, a stone tile, sink or, better yet, countertop, can change an entire room, from classic but stale to avant-garde and creative. A countertop is an investment which can have this effect, and this fact can last for decades – especially if you buy it in the right place.

And if you live in the Scio Twp area, there is no better idea than to pay our store a visit. You could get your free quote for stonework online, but if you manage to come, you can even feel the slab of stone which will change your kitchen for the better. Fear not, because the quality of these pieces is excellent – they come from world-class manufacturers in Brazil, Italy or India. And no matter your material of choice, we’re sure that you’ll walk away happy!

You could go for classic and timeless granite, flexible and modern quartz or elegant marble. Our warehouse has more than 15,000 slabs of stone, which we will measure, cut and install in your home – all in the shortest time possible from receiving the initial quote request. We’ve completed thousands of projects so far and are eager to give your home the makeover it deserves, with the help of our exquisite natural stone countertops!

So, to conclude: easy to ask for quotes, natural process from idea to final product, and all with high-quality, world-class materials.

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