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granite kitchen countertop Saline MI

Kitchen Countertops In Saline, MI

We’ve seen kitchen countertops come in all shapes, sizes, and, most importantly, materials. For long time now, better material quality automatically meant high price – only the rich and very rich had the chance to afford natural stone countertops in their homes. The end of this era came with globalization. Although there still are companies which charge very much for countertop manufacturing and installation, there are easier solutions.

In Saline, MI, the absolute best place when it comes to natural stones is Ann Arbor Stone & Tile. We put our experienced and dedicated team and our very well put-together process at the service of our clients, bringing state-of-the-art stonework to you at an affordable price. And we don’t only mean countertops – we provide everything from tiles to sinks. Everything that can be made from natural stone.

These slabs are born in all corners of the world – Brazil, Italy, India. They are then brought to the U.S. and stored in one of our warehouses, which is visitable by any customer who wants to choose his or her slab. We know that no two pieces of quartz are exactly the same, and that’s exactly why we hold around 15000 difference pieces of stone in their storage at any given time. IF there’s one thing natural stone gives you, it’s uniqueness.

We don’t only have quartz either. If you’d like to opt for granite, marble or other natural stones, you can choose from our wide range of styles and manufacturers. We know for a fact that you won’t find any better price/quality ratio in the Michigan Area. If you live around Saline, we are definitely the way to go.

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